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"Overseas" - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

The new Jason Isbell album has been out for a few days now and out of all the songs on Reunions, "Overseas" is the one that has been impossible for me to not throw on repeat. 

The opening guitar riff. The opening ghost town line. 30 seconds into the song and you know it's some of the best shit your ears have heard in a long, long time. That's just peak Isbell right there. The man tells a story better than you know how to tie your own shoes. To be fair, I haven't actually tied my shoes in ages. Just a loosely knot them together at the top and then continue to slide them on and off for the rest of their life. But that's besides the point. Because even if I did tie my shoes every single day like a total psychopath, Jason Isbell would still be able to weave words together better and more fluently than I could loop, swoop and pull. 

I for sure wouldn't say Reunions is an album you should toss on while you're chilling on the beach for Memorial Day Weekend. You might end up bringing down the vibe of everyone at least 5 blocks around you. But if you're staying up over night to smoke some beef ribs and pork belly for your little gathering of a barbecue this weekend and you're alone with a glass of whiskey? Overseas on repeat, my friend.  

And now it's time for a bonus track because why the frick not: