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Joe Rogan Just Dropped His First Ever Interview With The Legendary Tony Hawk

I'm only 10 minutes into this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, but I'm already recommending it, because who doesn't wanna listen to Joe Rogan and Tony Hawk shootin the shit for nearly two hours?!

They're already talking about the fact that Tony Hawk bought his own house at 17-years-old and just fuckin moved out of his parents' place! Look at this little savage!

How incredible is that?! 

Tony Hawk has proven to be just who we've all wanted him to be over the years....

….and I think he's probably got a special place in most of our childhoods, whether it be through his skating, his video games, or otherwise, so give this a watch/listen if you're interested! 

Here are some of the highlights they've already uploaded if you ain't got time for the whole thing….

….and of course, here's the 900: