Sport of the Future: There's A New 3v3 Hockey League Starting Up Next Summer

There are over 7 billion people on planet Earth. That's billion with a "b". Which also means there are over 7 billion people who think that 3v3 overtime is the greatest shit ever invented. Find me one person who doesn't love 3v3 hockey and I'll show you the most miserable sack of shit on the planet who is incapable of finding any shred of joy in life. 

The only thing that sucks about 3v3 overtime is that it only lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. Seems kinda like a brag to be able to last anything more than 3 but whatever. Either way, people want more 3v3. They NEED more 3v3. For some reason the NHL doesn't want to give fans more 3v3 and they insist on still keeping the shootout around like a bunch of imbeciles. But lucky for all of us, there's a new pro 3v3 hockey league about to start up next summer--the 3ICE. 

Now I know what some of you may be thinking to yourself right now. Why do I keep saying a "new" 3v3 league. Well that's because we already had one of these start up a few years ago. The 3HL. 

I never actually watched a 3HL game before but I watched the highlights from time to time. And the hockey was actually pretty solid. Like a pretty elevated beer league where the guys actually wait until after the game to start crushing booze rather than getting buckled on the bench. But I have a feeling the 3ICE might even be able to take it up one more level just based on coaching staffs alone. 

Buddy,,,if you don't think that a team coached by John LeClair isn't going to be unleashing absolute bazooka shots every time they get to the top of the circles and end up ripping through at least 4 nets per game, then I don't know what to tell ya. That team is going to have the green light to let the cannons fly all season long. The LeClair vs Trottier matchups could end up having triple digit totals. 

So yeah, we still have to wait another full year before the league gets going but that'll give you all plenty of time to choose your allegiances. And hopefully over the course of that year, the 3ICE can work a quick little rebrand in there because this makes so much more sense.