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I Am Addicted To Watching This Wesley Williams Kid Jump Over Stuff

I had never heard of this kid until last night when someone tagged me in an instagram post

And that right there is my threshold for whether or not the Bears should spend a late round pick on a prospect. Can he jump out of a pool? Yes? Okay, welcome to the Chicago Bears. I will personally give you a tour of The Lantern in Lake Forest. 

Now, I can't pretend to be some sort of social media savant. This kid is kind of already internet famous with 60k+ followers on instagram, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find out anything else about him. This kid is a freak of nature. I kept waiting to find a 24/7 or Rivals page with him committing to Duke and also being linked to shady agents and shoe deals while Coach K pretends to not know anything and then he gets a back ache when someone asks him. I was ready for that story line and it just does NOT exist. And then I started to get pissed off. There is a YouTube video of Wesley introducing himself as a "box jumper". A WHAT? With all of those physical gifts you've worked on for years and all you have to show for it is a series of videos where you jump on dumpsters and vending machines

It takes a good amount of scrolling before you can find a video of Wesley with a basketball. This is where I get confused. This is where I get in my old brain. This kid is from Georgia. Is it cooler to be a social media star for jumping on and over objects than being a guy who plays for like, Georgia Tech in football or basketball? Or even track? These are videos that should surface on draft day so Trey Wingo has something unique to talk about in the later rounds and yet it seems like this kid only jumps on boxes. I can't find anything athletic, any by athletic I mean real sports and not the best and doing exercises and stunts, ANYWHERE. It's to the point where I am getting angry. I need someone to come in and tell me he is draft eligible for the Bears. He needs to make himself available for Ryan Pace to take a flier on him.