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Wake Up With the Cast of ‘Community’ Reunion

“Community” was a show that never really gained the traction it deserved when it was on, but I’m hoping will get the respect it deserves on streaming the way, say, “Freaks and Geeks” did. Because for about three  seasons or so it was as good as any network sitcom. That is, before Chevy Chase reverted to his factory setting of being a dick and won a power struggle over creator Dan Harmon. Eventually Harmon took back the show and forced Chevy out, but by then the air has spilled from the show’s sails and it got cancelled.

In its prime, “Community” was sharp and funny and meta, with enough sexual tension for a dozen other shows. And if nothing else, it helped launch Donald Glover’s career. And the silver lining is that once it got canceled, Harmon went on to create “Rick & Morty,” so maybe it’s a blessing. But still. Like all fans of “Community,” I’m glad to see the band back together. And I’m still waiting for that movie.