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DeAndre Baker's Lawyer Says Baker Was Playing Madden When All Hell Broke Loose And He Had Nothing To Do With An Armed Robbery

NY Post- Whatever went down last week at the Miramar, Fla., house party happened in another room, and DeAndre Baker barely caught a glimpse of it. Why? Because he was playing “Madden.” This is the latest defense of the Giants cornerback accused of serious crimes that, if found guilty, could detonate his NFL career.

“Far from an individual who’s going somewhere with an alleged intent to rob somebody, an armed robbery, to go there and hook up his ‘Madden’ game, play the game for over an hour and then leave it there and go home,’’ Patrick Patel, one of Baker’s attorneys, told The Post on Tuesday. The picture increasingly portrayed by Patel and Bradford Cohen, also representing Baker, is of a 22-year-old who is being targeted because of his fame and wealth as an NFL football player.

If the entire world was ready to put DeAndre Baker behind bars for decades based on some random charges, I sure hope they are ready to exonerate him of everything based on not only the witnesses changing their stories, but Baker's story coming out that he was just playing Madden the whole time. Has any take from our childhoods been more incorrect than our parents telling us to stop playing video games? Esports players are becoming millionaires, Coach Duggs is putting the entire sports world on his very large back during quarantine, and playing Madden may help DeAndre Baker beat four armed robbery charges

Patel said Baker arrived at the party carrying his “Madden” console, two controllers and a charger. He went into the house, hooked the game up to a big-screen TV and played the video game for the hour to hour-and-a-half he was there. Baker inadvertently left the game at the house. Patel said he will try to get electronic proof Baker was indeed logged in and playing “Madden” that night. “And this ruckus blows out in another room in this house,’’ Patel said. “He doesn’t have anything to do with the ruckus. He didn’t even see it. The only thing he sees is out of the corner of his eye a table getting flipped over and everybody running, screaming and yelling. And he’s out. Thank God he bounced.’’


I'm not sure about you guys, but that account has me ready to expunge all this ugliness from Baker's record immediately and not only because that lawyer used the words "ruckus" and "bounced". But also because Baker didn't bring over an ordinary PS4 or XBox. He brought over an entire "Madden" console!

I'm not sure what that is, but I'm just happy it wasn't a GTA console. Maybe the reason DeAndre hasn't been attending any of the virtual OTAs is because he's actually playing virtual games online. Name a better way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of all your new teammates than by playing Madden? You can't. I'm not sure if that defense will fly in Coach Judge's kangaroo court, but "If he was in the game, you must keep him out of jail" should work on any Florida judge and may be the best NFL criminal catchphrase this side of "If the glove 

Even the description of the "getaway" fits someone who is much more of a Madden guy than a GTA guy.

Patel said he is in the process of procuring video evidence to debunk the arrest warrant’s contention Baker’s car was “pre-positioned’’ for a quick getaway. The video would show Baker was in the passenger seat of his car — another 22-year-old was serving as Baker’s designated driver for the night — and waited in line until several cars passed through a security checkpoint in the gated community before exiting the complex. Based on the time stamp when Baker’s car passed through the gate, Patel believes he will be able to prove it took at least two hours for anyone at the party to call the police.

So the criminal masterminds that stuck up this card game patiently waited for other cars to leave before them through a security checkpoint and the people who got robbed waited TWO hours to call the police after someone put a gun in their face?

So far it's been a textbook case of lawyering by DeAndre's legal team, with the only hiccup being this quote:

I get what they are to say, but lets avoid bringing up EITHER of the Ravens Rays, regardless of how the courts ruled. Cool?

Also this question has to be asked: If the charges against DeAndre Baker are false AND he gets scared straight to the point he becomes the stud he appeared to be while shutting down receivers in the SEC, should Dave Gettleman be given an extension?


Yup, just as ridiculous as it was a few days ago.

See you Week 1 DeAndre, whenever the fuck that may be!