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DeAndre Baker's Lawyer Released A Statement On Instagram Claiming Several Witnesses Dispute The Allegations Against Baker

When Quinton Dunbar's lawyer said 5 witnesses came forward to exonerate his client from any wrongdoing, I'll admit that every minute DeAndre Baker's lawyer said nothing felt like another 10 years being added to Baker's sentence. However, it turns out he was just putting together the perfect way to plead his client's case to the internet. If you can't trust a lawyer who Instagrams his statement using a shitty screenshot of a PFT tweet, who can you trust? Lionel Hutz himself is amazed at the ingenuity of this move.

I will say that this entire story blew up so quickly during a time where everything is immediately being ruled on, dissected and retweeted because everyone has nothing else to do in quarantine. But maybe we should let the court of law play out (along with any direct deposits to hit since this is Florida after all) before we sentence a couple of young men with no priors to decades in jail.

Baker, Dunbar, not guilty!

*thinks about it for a second*

Please stricken that from the record, your Honor.

P.S. No matter what happens in the case, this kinda shit isn't gonna fly with Coach Judge if Baker is anywhere near the Giants roster this season, if there is a season.