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Octomom's Kids Are Now 11 And They Look Like A Third Grade Class Together

I completely forgot about Octomom. Her whole story sounds like one of those random ads at the bottom of websites that read "You Will NOT Believe What Happened To This Mother" with the photo above. 

It's good to see that she and all of her children are healthy. The photo above makes it look like she is a 3rd-grade teacher out for a stroll with her class, but they are indeed all of her children. 

The story behind her having octuplets is wild. I thought it was a Ghengis Khan situation where a guy had the strongest sperm known to man. Turns out that it was done by a doctor, who has since lost his medical license:

SOURCE-The fertility doctor who helped California’s so-called Octomom have her eight babies had his license revoked on Wednesday by the state’s medical board.

The board said in a report that Beverly Hills doctor Michael Kamrava committed gross negligence by making “an excessive number of embryo transfers” into Nadya Suleman, now 35, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009 and became a celebrity media sensation.

That explains why the octuplets all look different. 

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