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A Bunch Of UK Cheerleaders Are Blaming The Mom Of A Kid Who Didn't Make The Squad For The Hazing Investigation And Coaches Getting Fired

So yesterday was this somewhat crazy story. Granted there aren't a whole lot oof sports going on but UK firing its coaching staff was the main story on a bunch of websites at the national level. That's what happens when you throw the word hazing as the reason to why someone gets fired. Also the fact that Kentucky cheerleading is the most dominant program in America. 24 national titles, 6 runner ups and finishing in the top-10 every year. Pretty fucking good. 

That said something felt off about this investigation and reasoning. The whole thing of people getting naked for basket tosses into Lake Cumberland and drinking to where a couple people had to go to the hospital sounded more like college kids on Spring Break than anything else. Then it started to leak that it was a mom of a daughter who didn't make the Blue (varsity/elite) squad and got pissed off. That sounds more about right.

That's apparently what kicked this investigation off. There are numerous former/current (not sure who falls where) on social media taking that Facebook post and using some sort of the same language. As for the hazing part, a bunch of them again started posting videos and putting out tweets saying it was bullshit. That nobody was hazed and people only did things they wanted to. There wasn't one former/current cheerleader that came out to say they were hazed in the slightest. 

And this is why parents suck. I have no doubt that these people are telling the truth because I tend to side with the majority of people from the same team saying the same thing. If there were people being more vocal about hazing or being uncomfortable or staying silent even then there'd for sure be something there. Again, it hardly sounded like hazing. I said it before but anyone who has been to Lake Cumberland has jumped in there naked or semi-naked and gotten way too drunk. That's just what happens at Lake Cumberland. 

I did not expect a cheerleading squad to have so much drama, especially during quarantine. But I'm siding with the UK cheer team here. You got a dynasty. You have the most dominant program in the country. You can't let some pissy mom ruin that for you.