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OBJ Wants To Know Why He Was Charged With Assault And Myles Garrett Wasn't

Alright we all remember that time when OBJ spanked the cop on the backside after LSU won the National Championship.....well fast forward to last night when Myles Garrett took a pretty clean Twitter shot at his teammate when Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone got a little handsy during The Last Dance...

I mean, that's funny and all, but Myles Garrett: you're not really in the place to be joking about hitting people and their reactions and all that kind of stuff. Maybe take this season, or at least 6 games like the commissioner made you do, off before returning with your jokes. So while the internet did their best to draw a paralell between how Rodman must've said something no one could hear or whatever like Myles claimed Mason Rudolph did, OBJ just clapped back with quite the response of his own:

1-0 OBJ. 

And a very fair question. 

I guess you could argue that the guy Myles hit deserved it more than the unassuming police officer in the locker room, but the question remains: how does OBJ get charged with assault and Myles doesn't? Either way, those are the facts of how the case went down. Only in America, right OBJ? Myles is lucky that Adam Schefter wasn't the judge and jury of his case:

Also, Adam, while I have you here……this is a JOKE. Please report that OBJ and Myles Garrett are great friends. I can't wait to tune into First Take tomorrow and watch them debate if the Browns are having turmoil within the locker room already. The Browns are a trainwreck, but not for these two disliking each other.