It's Time The Internet Once Again Joins Forces To Bully ESPN Into Ordering Some Additional Bonus Episodes Of 'The Last Dance'

You heard what Jason Hehir (the director) said. There is more than enough footage to create some additional "bonus episode" of 'The Last Dance'. All ESPN has to do is ask and cut a check and we will once again have something to look forward to in an effort to help us get through these quarantine weeks. I don't think I'm alone in saying that once the final episode ended last night my initial feeling was what the hell do we do now. In no way do I have Jordan fatigue, if anything I want more. Do you know how much gold they probably have sitting on the editing room floor right now? Think of all the interviews they did, you cannot tell me they can't do another sort of mini series with all the footage and content they didn't use for the initial 10 episodes. I'm totally cool with waiting a little bit for them to put that together too. We have nothing else going on, so where's the problem?


The internet all joining forces to initially bully ESPN into releasing the MJ doc early was as heartwarming as it gets. It was one of the few times the entire internet was on the same page. Didn't matter what team you root for, didn't matter if you are someone who even hates basketball, it was one of the few times in modern history where all corners of the internet were aligned to the same goal. If we could do it once, why can't we do it again? Especially after we saw how good the MJ doc ended up being. I feel like we didn't even scratch the surface of the stories that they are most likely still sitting on.

Admit it, everyone getting together each Sunday night to live tweet every episode was the most fun we've had on the internet this entire quarantine. It brought back those feelings of Game of Thrones while it was still good. Every five seconds there was a memeable (is that a word? Is now) moment. NBA Twitter did what NBA Twitter does best. It gave us all a sense of community that if we're being honest we all need right now. 

If I had to guess, I assume this eventually happens. At a time when ESPN needs ratings, it's a no brainer. Pay whatever it costs and let's give the people what they want. If that means the internet has to once again bully them into it, well then fine.