South Carolina's Fall Semester Sounds Like It Will Be The Best College Semester Ever

I'm a fall semester over spring semester guy. That's thanks to my love of football. I didn't go to a big SEC school, so I don't know what it's like to experience a fall semester down south, but I can only imagine the absolute joy of being on campus of a big time college football school. 

The issue, of course, is the school part. How do you balance all the partying with making sure the GPA stays high? The biggest time that becomes an issue is around exams. Late night, caffeine/Adderall fueled study sessions cramming in a semesters worth of learning in 2 nights is how a lot of kids do it (disclaimer: I do not recommend this! Also, only use Adderall if you're prescribed it by your doctor). The good news is for students at South Carolina, that dilemma just got a whole lot easier. 

Aug. 20: Classes begin

Sept. 7: Labor Day will be a Remote Class Day; classes will be held online and asynchronous for all classes

Oct. 15-16: Fall Break is cancelled; classes will be held on these days

Nov. 3: General Election Day will be a Remote Class Day; classes will be held online and asynchronous for all classes

Nov. 24: Face-to-face instruction will end

Nov. 25-29: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30: Remote Class Day

Dec. 1: Remote Class Day

Dec. 2-4: Reading Days

Dec. 7-14: Final Exam period

So, you're on campus for the entire football season and once it ends you get to take your exams online, with no proctor, in the sanctity of your home? Is that the greatest setup...ever? Yeah, you miss out on 2 weeks of being on campus (I'm sure kids will stay regardless), but this ain't bad. The only thing that could ruin it from being the best semester ever is not being able to attend games, which is a real possibility. If that does happen it's not the end of the world. The darties will be just as good.