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South Korea Soccer Team Apologizes For Filling Stadium With Sex Dolls

However, not many clubs will be rushing to follow the example of FC Seoul.

The top-flight South Korean side has apologised after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stands.

FC Seoul insisted they were "premium mannequins" rather than sex dolls - but did admit they came from a supplier that produces sex toys.

And some of the dolls were holding signs advertising x-rated websites - despite pornography being banned in South Korea.

The mannequins' manufacturer told the BBC they had apologised to FC Seoul. But they also reiterated that the dolls were merely "premium mannequins".

What is the issue here? This is creative problem solving. I watched the Bundesliga this weekend. I watched some of the UFC the weekend before. It's great to have sports back, but there is no denying the fact that it is really fucking weird without fans. South Korea, don't quote me on this, but it seems like they would be a country with a high amount of "premium mannequins". So why not put them to good use in the stadium to bring back a sense of normalcy? Normalcy for the fans and for the players. One of the big reasons why dudes even play sports is to impress and get girls. Athletes have been looking up into the stands, scanning for hot chicks since the days of the Roman Coliseum. Stories of A-Rod writing his number on a baseball and throwing it to a girl in the stands are legendary. Now, athletes can look up in the stands and feel like they can still get a number. It's a serial number off of a sex doll, but it is still a number of a girl you want to put your dick in. Meet that girl on Amazon Prime after the game, player. Let these people, and dolls, live. It's honestly probably something the K-League could sell. Can't beat that type of product placement.