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A Former Jazz Player Said Playboy Models In Chicago Would Show Up Before Finals Games At Their Hotel Wearing Nothing But A Trench Coat And Holding Cake

[Source] - Carr: One thing I did enjoy about playing the Bulls that was different was the city of Chicago was always trying to do something too. You'd be in your hotel room the night before a Finals game in Chicago and all of a sudden a Playboy model would show up at your door with a cake. That happened to me more than once. ... They show up in a trench coat, and when they get to present you with your cake the coat comes off and it's "Welcome to Chicago!" But if you're a young man and all you can think of the night before the Finals is a beautiful girl now, that's going to throw you all the way off. It didn't work on me. It was good cake, though.

How does this get buried in a story? Instead they do an oral history of some weak ass trash talk by Scottie Pippen. Don't believe me, believe Dave: 

Instead you have a gold story and quote from Antoine Carr. Playboy models would just show up at hotel rooms the night before Finals games wearing nothing but a trench coat and holding cake. Not a bad combo, but obviously will leave you tired the next day. Whoever put this together is a genius. That's a diehard Bulls fan and that's how you go about creating a true homecourt advantage. It's not just about what happens during the game. You need to be a step ahead. Sending someone who may look like this holding cake naked? A+ move

Just an all-around great quote from Carr too. Oh he loves playing in Chicago? I bet he does. Who wouldn't, especially if you're a single guy. And by the sounds of it you get to eat the cake no matter what. That's a win-win. Shit, he dropped 12 points and was +11 on the court with them winning in Chicago in Game 5. I'd be doing the model trench coat, cake combo for every game. 

I need to know more about who organized the models though. That's what I'm more fascinated by. How did this start? You know what, put an entire episode of The Last Dance to this alone.