Watch Giannis Just Absolutely Lose His Mind Dancing To One Direction ... Naturally

Goddamn it's becoming impossible to hate or dislike this guy. He's the most likable star in a long, long time. Why? Because of shit like this. He's just being a regular human. We all have our 'guilty pleasures' where you just want to lose it singing in a car/shower while listening to it. For Giannis it's One Direction. He's the definition of a manchild, who happens to be a dad and an NBA MVP. Remember when he tried his first corndog? 


He just wanted to embrace fair life. That's so perfect and just further understanding why he's losing his shit to One Direction. Part of it is him being a dad. Part of it is him just being unintentionally hilarious. The man is dangerously horny with a blowjob bell: 

The biggest shock is the fact that no one in the comments on Twitter or his IG said anything about driving and dancing or having a car seat a certain way. I would have 100% guessed that would have been the first comment. People love commenting about that shit. 

The man just wants to dance to One Direction. Who is going to stop him? Need the Bucks to play this whenever they have their next home game. Let the Bucks come out to One Direction. Goddamnit I love Giannis.