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Guy Flips $100K Into $3.6 MILLION On One Number In Roulette

Well there you have it- the luckiest man on earth. There was a 2.6% percent chance of hitting and he hit. Well done. It takes skill, determination, and testicles the size of cantaloupes to make a bet like that. Then again, not really. If you're making six-figure bets while casually sipping a full bodied red my guess is your checking account is slightly larger than the average mans. 

Who knows? All I know is that guy now has $3.6 million to his name and I remain and hundredaire writing this blog from my childhood bedroom. But you know what I have that he doesn't? A delicious home cooked lunch from his mother delivered fresh to his door so who's the real winner? Hopefully whatever casino he's at provides security for him as he leaves the building. Chances are someone is going to try and rob him. I know I would. Congrats, buddy. Don't spend it all in one place. 

***NOTE: The second I pressed publish I noticed Carl had already blogged this. He wins. Speed matters. Out of respect to him here's a link to his blog. I think he started after me too. Ugh. 

*****DOUBLE NOTE: I'm having a tough blog day.