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I Guess It's Not Acceptable To Walk Around Dressed As A Knight With A Plastic Sword These Days


Armed police stopped a man wearing medieval fancy dress and carrying a toy sword during his daily exercise in a park.

Three officers from the firearms unit were called after members of the public spotted the man, armed with what appeared to be a sword, at a park in Cardiff.

It really goes to show just how wild the world is right now. God forbid this man can just out into nature and walk around dressed like a video game character. People actually thought this man was some sort of lunatic and called the police. None of them thought for a second about how preposterous the whole situation was? 

No. They thought this innocent - let's be honest here - dork was just gonna unleash hell on everyone via medieval sword. In the year 2020? Even if it turned out to be a real sword, any sort of attack could be easily cancelled out with modern technology. Learned that one from Indiana Jones.

The man was confronted at gunpoint at Hendre Lake Park in St Mellons on Wednesday afternoon and told to put down the 'weapon'. But police discovered the sword was fake and a part of the man's costume.

Imagine the amount of shit in these guys pants when the cops rolled up with guns pointed at him. I don't blame him either. One false move and it could be misconstrued as an attack on the police, we all know how that one ends. I don't think a plastic sword has never been surrendered quicker in the history of the world. I guess it is on this guy for bringing his sword with him. He was probably just getting his LARP reps up before this whole Coronavirus thing ends and he's dealing with months of ring rust.

The police must've been somewhat relieved to find out that they weren't dealing with some Assassin's Creed type bullshit. At the same time, they must've been a little upset that they were called over something as minuscule as a guy role-playing in the park. Sure, it's odd that a man in his late to early 20's is taking a stroll in the park dressed like someone out of Monty Python's Holy Grail but I'd argue there are far more concerning outfits. The people who called the police on this kid have clearly never walked past FIT.

Medical technician Mike James, 31, was walking around the lake with his wife Heather, 32, and son Theo, three, at the time.

"The whole thing was really surreal. He looked like something out of Assassin's Creed," Mike said.

"We saw this guy walking around in this knight's outfit and carrying a sword. I thought he must be an actor or something so I didn't think much more of it."

I'm not really sure who to blame here. The obvious choice is the guy walking around with a fucking (fake) sword but I'm not quite sure. It's pretty absurd to think that this man was anything more than a cosplayer but at the same time who knows anymore. People dressing as plague doctors in England, now this. This quarantine has truly brought out the weird.

Thankfully the situation was quickly diffused and no one was hurt.