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Since The Warriors Turned Down Their Own 'Last Dance' Documentary, Steph Said He Might Make One Himself Using The Footage On His Phone

Oh it was a good decision to turn it down? I wonder why? Anything happen last year that could be seen as a mess for the Warriors in a documentary? Anything coming to mind: 

Yeah, I could see that being a major talking point for a documentary on the Warriors trip to 5 straight Finals. Even if the Warriors have content control like we see with MJ and The Last Dance, you have to talk about it. But the Warriors doc? That would actually be entertaining too. Say what you want about them or Durant, they are one of the most important pieces when you talk about NBA history. They have the titles. They had arguably the most important free agent decision with Durant joining them. They had the fighting. They had the NBA regular season wins record only to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals. They changed the way the game is played with how they shoot. They have to be a story.

As for Curry's phone content? Well I think we know what's being released first. 

Shit, might need a whole episode dedicated to Steph and Ayesha being freaks in real life. But after the feet pics, I want to see what Steph has on his phone. The best part of The Last Dance has been the candid shit. MJ at practice, the plane stories, even MJ watching the iPad. That's what I'd want to watch with the Warriors. Imagine Steph taping Draymond and Durant bitching at each other. Shit, even last year during the Finals with the Durant injury saga and then Klay tearing his ACL. There is so much out there that could make for a decent doc on a polarizing team. 

Release the tapes, Steph.