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Martin Garrix Turned 24 Today And Dropped A Goddamn Heater Of a Song To Celebrate

First of all, happy 24th birthday to Martin Garrix. He's one of the best, if not the best, EDM guys out there. In celebration of his born day he dropped his long-awaited new single Higher Ground featuring John Martin. Now listen, EDM might not be for you and in that case I appreciate the click, go comment that you want me to die, and I bid you safe travels for the rest of the day through our site. For the EDM fans out there, this song is fire flames. The drop is unreal. He's been teasing it on his crazy live sets during quarantine, but today it's available everywhere. I just went for a walk with my dog and had it on repeat. For like 10 minutes the world didn't seem so bad. 

Garrix only puts out heaters. I could just run through his songs all day. In fact maybe I'll do that on this Thursday. Here's a few. 

If you are new to Garrix by chance and liked what you heard, go check out his live set on the Dutch Waters recently. Guy's a king.