Teemu Selanne Has More Style On His Motorcycle Than Jax Teller Could Ever Dream Of

Teemu is a purebred beautician. A certified ledge in every aspect of life. You put this man on the ice and he'll give you 76 goals in his rookie season no problem. You take him off the ice and the man just wants to play some golf, crush some booze, buzz around as fast as he can in his car, and whip around on his bike whilst wearing his signature JOFA lid. 

I'd be interested to know if there is any athlete who is better known by a single piece of equipment. Maybe Michael Jordan and his shoes but not really because it's not like he wore the same pair for his entire career. If you show any hockey fan a picture of a JOFA bucket and their mind immediately goes to Teemu. I know there are other Hall of Famers who wore it like Jagr, Forsberg, Fleury, and Lemieux. But all of those guys eventually moved on to a new helmet. Selanne stuck with the JOFA for his entire career and that's why its officially the Teemu. From Winnipeg to Anaheim to San Jose to Colorado to Team Finland to Anaheim again, Teemu Selanne remained loyal to the JOFA 390. Which is just another testament to what a beauty this man is. 


Facts are facts.

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