Throwing It Back To The Glory Days Of JOFA Buckets


There have been countless variations of hockey equipment made throughout the history of time. None of them, however, are quite as memorable or era-defining as the Jofa 390. Now when I say the 390, I’m really talking about a few different buckets here that are all apart of the same family. You’ve got the 390, the 395, the 397 and the 366. All of them are slightly different in their own way, but they all bring you back to the exact same time just by the sight of them. The moment you see them, it brings you straight back to your childhood, watching some of the greatest beauties to ever play do amazing things out on the ice. And that’s the exact feeling you’re looking for whilst talking about throwback hockey gear.

Now I was never a big Jofa guy myself. I’ve been a Bauer bucket guy my whole life. Shoutout to the 4500 which is without argument the greatest hockey helmet ever created. But everybody knows the Jofa 390 series is an all time classic. A helmet that was just as spectacular as the players who wore it. And when you start to list out some of the players who wore it, you quickly start to realize just how legendary this bucket truly was.

Phil Housley



Theo Fleury


Peter Forsberg



Jaromir Jagr



Mario Lemieux



Mats Sundin



And of course… Teemu Selanne




What an absolute stud.

Phil Housley is in the Hall of Fame. Theo Fleury is going to get into the HHoF any year now. Peter Forsberg is in the Hall of Fame. Mario Lemieux is in the Hall of Fame. Jaromir Jagr is going to be in the Hall of Fame whenever he decides to finally stop playing. Mats Sundin is in the Hall of Fame. Teemu Selanne is in the Hall of Fame. Here’s the way I think of it. If you took all the players currently in the Hockey Hall of Fame and put them on teams based on which helmet they wore during their career, Team Jofa comes out on top. Even if you throw Gretzky on a separate team. And that, my friends, is the mark of a truly extraordinary bucket.