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Blake Snell Goes OFF On MLB Owners Asking The Players For a Second Massive Pay-Cut And He's 1000% Right

Blake Snell streamed on Twitch yesterday and went off on the owners' proposed deal to restart baseball. His points echo everything I said in my blog about Mark Teixeira calling out the players and painting them as the villains. I would imagine most, if not all, the MLB players agree with Blake's stance. It's the correct one. 

Bottom line is this. The players already agreed to a massive pay-cut in March. They agreed to pro-rated salaries if and when the season resumes. That should be it right then and there. There was an agreement from both sides! Just because now the owners feel that deal wasn't good enough shouldn't be a justified reason for bullying them into a second pay-cut. These guys are going to be the ones risking their lives and their family's health when they step onto that field. You may think that sounds dramatic, but it's not. Why should they be the ones who get hurt the most financially when they have the most to risk? It doesn't add up. 

I said this in the blog and I cannot stop repeating it. Why can't the owners be the ones to take the biggest financial blow here? You're the billionaires! You're the ones who will be watching from home the whole time. It's just wrong that the players have to be the ones to risk the most here for a super limited compensation. It's not worth it then and I don't blame them. 

I know health is first here and if they can't sort out that part of the deal first then this is all a moot point, but assuming they're able to, if this all falls through because of the owners greed then that's an unbelievably bad look for the sport. Even further it's going to be really bad news for the upcoming CBA negotiations that were already headed down a bad path. If the owners gave in and gave the players what they wanted that would in part be a big step for future CBA negotiations as well you would think. Seems like as of now the owners don't give a shit about good faith and just want as many dollars as possible. 

I'm less optimistic than I've ever been for sure, but I'm still holding out hope the owners will give in and honor their original commitment. I'm just praying at some point in these negotiations they wake up and give the people what they want. Then again Nightengale saying 90/10 we have baseball July 4th really felt like the final nail in the coffin to a season. What an asshole.