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Who Hasn't Gotten Blacked Out Drunk With A Buddy And Stole A *Checks Notes* Tree From Someone's Yard?

[WYMT] - Deputies from the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said they arrested two people for stealing a tree.

When deputies arrived to the home where the tree was taken out of the ground without permission, they said Michael Sizemore and Gentry Jones, both of Lily, were leaving in a pickup truck with the tree in the back.

Deputies were able to stop the truck, and said that Sizemore and Jones were both under the influence.

Since when is it illegal to take a tree? Think our guys here have a valid argument about who the tree actually belongs to. Quite frankly they should be applauded for even being able to get that tree out of the ground and in a truck. Look at the size of that motherfucker! That's a big ass tree to haul when you're hammered. 

I feel like as long as you put the tree back in the ground somewhere it's not illegal, especially if you're drunk. You're just rearranging furniture. Plus we're talking about eastern Kentucky here. That of all places should make it legal to be under the influence and steal a tree. I'd be more surprised if this is the only tree they stole. 

But that's the real question here. Why the hell did they steal a tree? Was this a plan to get back at someone and that person loved the tree so much they knew they had to start there? 

PS: Of course one of the guys is named Gentry. There was a 100% chance of a name like that involved.