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Who Knew Shaq Was Really A Long Lost Splash Uncle

When I woke up today did I know I'd be working the former NBA legends still looking as dominant as ever beat? Nope, but such is life during quarantine. First it was Stephon Marbury looking great at 43

and now have have Shaq at 48 looking like a long lost Splash Uncle. You probably know Shaq more for plays like this

and thought that he was a rather one dimensional player. Someone that only used his superhuman strength to destroy opponents. I mean this was a man who attempted just 22 threes in his entire career, and after he got to LAL and took 4 in his first year, never took more than 2 again during any season for the rest of his time in the NBA Shit, he barely shot it outside of 16ft as well. So yeah, it's a bit surprising to see him look that good from deep. Just goes to show you how talented these dudes are, that someone like Shaq who at no point in his career was anything close to a jump shooter could right this second destroy you in a three point shooting contest. That's a different level right there. 

So it begs the question, is there anything Shaq can't do? Incredible pitch man, even better on Inside The NBA (outside of his cancelling the season take, that was bad), legit actor and rapper, all time great player, and now apparently a three point shooter. Such a classic Dad game too where you may not be as athletic as you once was (despite still dunking with force) so you change it up to become automatic from three 

I feel confident in saying we will never get another player like Shaq ever again. The guy truly is a basketball alien and that video proves it. Well that one and this one