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Stephon Marbury Is Still Very Much A Walking Bucket

I'm sure you were all sitting around during quarantine wondering what Starbury is up to and by the looks of things, it's getting buckets. Spare me the whole "look at who he's playing" nonsense, this dude is 43! I can't even move like that and I'm legit 10 years younger. I got winded just watching that 1 minute video. If you aren't impressed with that performance you're just being a hardo. How is it possible that his first step is still this good and dudes who are probably 20 years younger than him can't stay with him? What an icon.

I love videos like this because it's a great reminder of just how good these guys are, even in their old age. Love when legends lace em up against the younger generation and completely dominate them. Even after they spent years eating a shit ton of vaseline, they're still deadly. I hope Ice Cube catches wind of this video because I'm going to need Marbury to join the Big3. Why not? I feel like that's the perfect place for him to reappear stateside and give the people what they want. Let's not pretend like Marbury wasn't one of the most exciting scoring guards of his era

then he went to China and became an absolute legend. I think it's time to come back and bring his talents to the Big3 because it's very apparent that he still has a good amount of game left in the tank. It doesn't matter if he's old and fat like he says, that plays in the Big3. I'd watch that shit without question. Loved Marbury during his NBA days even if he was extremely washed in his 23 games as a Celtic. In the late 90s and early 2000s Marbury was that dude and in my opinion to this day is still a little underrated. 

Again, that was a 43 year old in that video. Looks more like a dude who could give you a decent 5-10 minutes off the bench if your second unit needs a scorer. What a legend.