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LeSean McCoy Said Spoiling Avengers: Endgame On Twitter Was The Worst Decision Of His Life

When I saw this tweet hit my timeline, I wanted to forgive that bitch SHADEY MCCOY for ruining more than a decade worth of build up for God knows how many people. You know why? Because my dog Tony Stark was able to forgive Slithering Steve Rogers for not only keeping the secret of who killed Tony's parents but also keeping a friendship with the man who did it. If Tony Stark could turn the other cheek before saving the entire world, I could forgive LeSean McCoy for ruining countless fans' lives.

Shady calling that fateful tweet the worst decision of his life was a hell of a way to kick things off considering some of the alleged decisions he has made in his life that have been covered on Barstool.

However, finding out LeSean McCoy wasn't even a big Marvel fan completely throws out all that goodwill and him calling these cinematic masterpieces "cartoons" lights that goodwill on fire. If he had called action figures "dolls", I'm pretty sure Robbie would have challenged Shady to the octagon. No matter how much or little anybody followed The Avengers, you had to know that Tony Stark R'ing In P was a massive moment for a massive movie franchise that a bazillion people were going to watch. Tweeting it out before most of the planet saw the movie is a pure dickhead move almost on par with snapping away half of the universe and not even being a fan may make it even worse than anything Thanos did because at least Thanos believed what he was doing was right.

On the bright side, when it's all said and done LeSean McCoy's obituary will start with him spoiling Endgame for hundreds of thousands of people over him being a father, a son, a former NFL running back that ran for over 10,000 yards, or the guy that tried to organize a sex island orgy party where only females were invited, which is probably why he considers that tweet the worst decision of his life.

P.S. If it's true that Shady spelled Tony as "Toney" to work around people muting the word Tony Stark on Twitter to avoid spoilers, he should be sentenced to a lifetime of horror on Monster Island (Don't worry it's just a name).