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What Percentage Of Dudes Who Take Their Shirts Off Before A Fight Do You Think End Up Getting Their Ass Kicked In Said Fight?

You've already seen Robbie breakdown this fight from a technical aspect. And as you could tell from his breakdown, bizarro Jeff Goldblum was much more prepared for this round of fisticuffs than his counterpart. Both physically and mentally. But before this fight even got going, I'd say this crackhead who looks like he's probably been featured on a few episodes of "Cops" before had the advantage in one category--which is spiritually. 

You see, this man thought he won the fight before the first punch was thrown and before the first roundhouse kick wiped his nose completely off of his face. Because like many brawlers out there, this fella decided to go tarps off for the bout. 

Now technically I have no way of knowing if he was wearing a shirt in the first place before the fight or not. But I'm just going to assume he was wearing a beater and took it off right as he was challenged. That would really pull together his look with the carpenter jeans and work boots. 


Anyways, my research shows that nobody who has ever popped off their top before a fight has ever once considered there was a possibility of them losing that fight. Not a single one. 0.00%. Even if the other combatant rips off their shirt as well, each fighter couldn't even possibly imagine a scenario in which they do not walk out of that altercation without putting the other to sleep first. 

Where we start to see an issue, however, is that the numbers never really seem to hold up once the fight has actually been fought. Researchers suggest that there's somewhere around a 75% drop off, and that's one of the lighter estimates. It seems like pretty much every fight that ends up on the interwebs with one combatant taking off their shirt and the other fighter looking like a dork who just got off a shift working at Best Buy, the Geek Squad guy typically ends up winning. Surely there are outliers to take into consideration and also fights which do no end up online. But in 2020, pretty much everything is recorded so the number of fights that are not online cannot be enough to significantly alter the data. 

I'm not a scientist myself, so I'm just going to defer to the experts on this one. 3 out of every 4 dudes who rip off their shirts before a fight proceed to get their ass beat in said fight. Unless you're this dude. In which case you win everything.