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Wake Up With Lawrence Taylor Causing Absolute CHAOS Off The Edge

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How the fuck was anyone supposed to be able to block an absolute freakshow fueled by by that much speed, strength, and mayyyyyyyyybe cocaine? Poor Ron Jaworski is probably still waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night at the mere thought of number 56 coming to snatch his soul. I will occasionally play some Tecmo Bowl to scratch a nostalgia itch and always feel like I am cheating when I use LT on the Giants because he is pretty much a glitch. But after rewatching those highlights, I feel like LT isn't good enough because I don't think we've seen anybody before or after him that can do what he did not only off the edge but off the turnbuckle.

Now lets end the blog with a very important PSA from LT: