Has Anyone Ever Had A Dumber Statement Than Chief Had Today About King Of Queens?

I'm not going to lie, I gasped and I mean I GASPED when I saw this come across the timeline. Chief, a man I call a friend. A guy I thought was smart - except when he talks about Notre Dame going undefeated. The sensible one out in Chicago. He somehow had the dumbest statement I've ever seen and trust me I'm friends with morons. 

In no way can you even say King of Queens is close to Big Bang Theory. It's no secret I love King of Queens, one of my all-time favorite shows. It's perfect for what it is. Hell, I've blogged about it two years ago:

And even this morning I blogged about Jerry Stiller's character, Arthur Spooner, being the most underrated character in TV history. 

Let me defer to our resident beloved human, Clem who summed it up perfectly: 

That's spot on! Spot on! Doug just worked his ass off to make ends meet (somehow landing a decent house in Queens) while having a smoking hot wife. Yeah, Carrie was a smoke, even if she just yelled at Doug a bunch

Oh and we have to talk about the theme song. The theme song is unbelievable. Top-5 theme song. It’s catchy, it fits the show and it can be played at any time. I actually tossed it out to my wife for our wedding song, which got shot down. 

Oh and if you don't laugh at Doug vs Arthur I don't want to know you. That's just good comedy. Plenty of A+ insults. Something Big Bang Theory or Chief apparently don't know about: 

King of Queens is as relatable as it gets. You have a wife that you outkicked your coverage on who may or may not get sick of your shit. You have in-laws that annoy you but you still defend. You have best friends like Deacon. You just work your job, head down, ready to get to the weekend. Shit, everyone has a bar like Cooper's they just rely on. You know what doesn't have that? King of Queens. 

I just, I never thought I'd see King of Queens compared to Big Bang Theory honestly.