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Arthur Spooner, Jerry Stiller's Character On King Of Queens, Remains The Most Underrated Character In TV History

Well, today sucks. Jerry Stiller is an all-timer and I mean all-timer. Read Chief's blog about him when you have a second. But I want to focus on his second character on TV. Let me be clear here. In no way am I saying that Arthur Spooner was a better character than Frank Costanza. I'm just saying that Arthur Spooner is an unbelievable character that needs to be talked about more because Jerry Stiller nails it. 

I've blogged about it before but I fucking love King of Queens. Just an unbelievable show, don't even care what you say. Kevin James should only be Doug Heffernan. Carrie is a smoke, especially in the early episodes. Throw in Deacon as an A+ best friend and you got a decent show. But the moment we got Arthur Spooner as a fringe main character it became great. 

His schemes are dumb but always make me laugh. The interaction between him and Doug is what makes the show so great. The fact they just go back and forth at each other, he’s always instigating. The fact he goes on walks with a dog walker.

He was so outrageous that he basically was Frank just in Queens. There was no one better at doing the regular conversation directly into screaming than Jerry Stiller. So as everyone starts to talk about Frank Costanza and rightfully so, we need a moment to remember his greatness as Arthur Spooner as well. 

One of my favorite Arthur arguments is about the chipmunks. Just sums up his character so well. RIP Jerry Stiller.