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How Hard Can Ghost Crabs Pinch? Let's Find Out

...Its actually not that bad.  But that doesn't mean Ghost Crabs aren't extremely cool animals.  Anyone whose seen them ZIP around the beach knows they are mysterious little creatures.  You see them, but you never get to really SEE them.  They disappear seemingly into thin air and you just keep walking.  Well this one wasn't so fast and I caught him by the claws to take a longer look. The first thing you notice is the hairs on their legs that allow them to sense vibrations just like a spider on a web.  The next thing has to be that their eyes are on stalks which allows them to see 360 degrees.  Apparently this dude wasn't using his vision as well as he should be since he allowed me to simply walk up and grab him.  

You might be wondering if these things have to go back to the ocean at some point, but these crabs can actually  breathe oxygen through their gills!  You'll see them near the water where they moisten up their gills but as long as they don't dry out, they can survive in the air.  Very unique adaptation.  They hide out in their burrows and wait to feed on little Turtle Hatchlings, insects, eggs, or anything they can stumble upon and get some protein from.  Check them out next time you are on the beach!