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Should Canada Still Be Allowed To Celebrate Canada Day Today?



Just real quick. Today is Canada Day. I don’t know what it means, but isn’t it completely disrespectful for the Canadians to be celebrating that today? Today is our day. Today is an American day. Our most important soccer game since Freddy Adu’s debut in the MLS. I can’t believe any Canadian would feel okay with celebrating anything besides the Stars and Stripes today. After all we’ve done for Canada. After all the wars we’ve saved them from. After all the NHL teams we have signed them onto. Pushing Canada Day until tomorrow would be the respectful and honorable thing to do. You rely on neighbors for a few things: To lend you a cup a sugar, to get your mail when you’re on vacation, and to put their heritage aside when the US of A is fighting for their soccer life. I thought Canada was aware of this. I guess I was sadly mistaken.