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Rain City Bitch Pigeons Select Spittin' Chiclets To Represent All-Time Team

Ever since I read off the nickname odds for Seattle's franchise on Chiclets, the NHL's final expansion team's future moniker has become somewhat of a running meme on the show. And the creative minds of the internet have also come up with some quality Emerald City-based material.

Leading the flock has been the Rain City Bitch Pigeons. Now, there are debates about the origin of the name/meme. But I can only speak for myself. And that's the feed I discovered with the hilarious logo of a pissy pigeon wearing rain gear. It's just perfect. But not as perfect as this...

Holy shit, look at that shit. First off, Whit definitely looks like he can't get within 500 feet of a school. I can always get work if Champ Kind ever needs a replacement. 

Grinnelli looks like that bottom-pair D that serves as a whipping boy for the fans year after year but scored that one big playoff goal that time. Biz actually looks a bit like an anachronismn with that Anton Chigurh 'do, like a flannel-wearing college kid in an early '90s coffee shop, playing an acoustic guitar, and doing a horrific Kurt Cobain imitation. Ayres looks like the last G in hockey history to wear a mask. And Bugsy is the only guy in the room who can sit in the barber's chair and say, "Gimme 'The Jags'" and nobody blinks twice.

Bravo to the artist. Well done.