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Sweep, Sweep Victory: Texas Tech Caps Doubleheader With Big Win at Mississippi State

Texas Tech and Head Coach Gus Duggerton are now 2-1 after a pair of solid wins vs. a pair of Power 5 teams today. Earlier this afternoon, the Red Raiders upset then No. 5 Florida State.

And tonight, Coach Duggs' squad marched into Starkville and put up NUMBERS in a 57-43 win vs. the SEC foe.

The typical routine that Coach Duggs usually goes through during games was changed up for tonight's contest. Why? Brandon Walker joined the stream to support his Bulldogs.

But Brandon Walker wasn't just there to cheer his team on from the sidelines.

He was there to play. He was there to suit up. Brandon Walker was QB1.

It was a fairly mild battle for the majority of the first half. Texas Tech led 14-10, but Coach Duggs pulled a trick that he just discovered earlier today: The Juke.

The back-and-forth affair continued in the third quarter, when a lag threatened to mess with the game. But when All Business Pete came to patch things up, it allowed the opportunity for Coach Duggs to show his human side for a hot sec.

It's not all about the X's and O's inside the hash marks. 

When Coach Duggs is shown on the Jumbotron, he acts just like you and I would: pure elation!

Coach Duggs eventually locked in for the second half and put up what everyone came to see... a good, old Friday night burger.

So, it may have only been a two-score game, but Coach Duggs and Texas Tech were never really in danger of dropping this one. Now, it's off to Big 12 play, where tomorrow's opponent (3 PM ET) is still TBA. But Coach Duggs will be ready for all the Big 12 shootouts to come.

(Edit: Coach Duggs just posted a schedule update)