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Upset City! Texas Tech Shocks (5) Florida State, Gus Duggerton Wins First Career Game as Head Coach

There are some moments in life that you will just never forget: graduation, getting married, and having kids might come to mind for some. 

But for Gus Duggerton, there's no doubt he'll remember May 8, 2020 for a very long time. That's because it will forever be known as the day the overweight, cheating, program hopper earned his first win as a Head Coach.

Texas Tech (1-1) took down No. 5 Florida State on Friday afternoon 35-30. After last week's loss at UCLA, everybody including Coach Duggs knew what the Red Raiders needed to work on: defense.

So, who came to the rescue? Joe Burrow. Yes, Joe Burrow. 

And who would have thought it... his advice worked!

After letting FSU know that Texas Tech was an upset-hungry team, the game was tied at 14 with one minute to go in the half. And with that, it was time for QB Gunnar Wesson to put on a show before heading to the locker room. 

He delivered.

After the halftime break, the Red Raiders set the tone in the third quarter with a huge opening drive score once again, courtesy of Ricky "Cheeks" Squeaks.

That brings us to late in the third quarter, where Texas Tech had a chance to really do some damage. Coach Duggs was not going to let poor clock management cost him a chance at the upset, so he tried to think two steps ahead.

There was only one problem with that: whatever he was thinking made absolutely no sense.

Luckily, that brain fart would not cost Coach Duggs too much, as the home team would stretch the lead to a 35-23 edge early the fourth quarter. The game is basically over, right?


So, it was 35-30 Red Raiders with under two minutes left, and Coach Duggs redeemed himself for brutal clock management earlier in the game. He picked up a few first downs and eventually timed it up just right to pick up his first career W.

What a rollercoaster ride, but Coach Duggs got the job done. Now, it's a quick turnaround to 8 PM tonight, when Texas Tech faces Mississippi State to try and go for the double-header sweep. Tune in here: