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Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon in ‘Bound’ Take Us into the Weekend

I listened to Jennifer Tilly on Dennis Miller’s podcast the other day. And to say I fell in love with her would be completely wrong. All I did was rekindle a long distance romance we have had since at least the early 90s. She’s smart. Does drama and comedy. She’s got a Gold Bracelet from winning the women’s division at the World Series of Poker. And even without seeing her, her voice alone could melt a cheese sandwich in your pocket.

And “Bound” (directed by the Wachoskis who did “The Matrix” trilogy) is perhaps her finest hour. She’s so good in this that even Gina Gershon in her prime is the moon to Jennifer’s sun. So why did I pick these two clips? Because they’re the ones I can post without losing my job. Maybe the only scenes that are pure sexual tension with no actual (simulated) sex. Sometimes that’s enough.

Social distancing sucks. Have a great weekend.