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Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains To TWO MILLION People On IG Live Why He Snitched

Well there you have it. Spoken like the lyricist he is, Tekashi explained why he snitched by saying, "Ya don't understand. Ya don't understand. Ya don't want to understand." Is the greatest rapper of all time? It's tough to tell, but my gut says no. My gut says he's a 5'5" twink with daddy issues who walks around draped in a rainbow flag. He did explain that he wasn't loyal because they weren't loyal, which makes sense, but I don't care. I hate this dude so much and I hate myself even more for writing about him. After all, let's not forget why he was in jail in the first place...

The Fefe rapper, real name Daniel Hernandez, was arrested in November 2018 and had faced 47 years in prison after admitting to joining the Nine Trey Bloods gang which he contributed to financially. He had been facing federal counts including charges of racketeering, conspiracy, drug trafficking and firearms offences.

He also testified that he participated in violent crimes such as assaults and shootings as well as drug trafficking.

If you support Tekashi 6ix9ine in any way shape or form, you are a scumbag plain and simple. If you want to read more about this guy pop over to Trent's blog. If not, have a great weekend.