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What Are the Best Forgotten Plays in Recent Sports History?

Seeing this tweet from Jack Mac got me thinking about incredible plays that, for whatever reason, have been overshadowed and don't get talked about. That GIF is from the Georgia sideline after Auburn's Ricardo Louis caught a pass on 4th and 18 that bounced off not one, but two Bulldogs defenders before falling into Louis's arms for the game-winning touchdown.

It's largely forgotten because it came in the game before the Kick Six in the Iron Bowl, despite the fact that the likelihood of Louis's catch happening was much slimmer than Chris Davis outrunning nine offensive linemen.

But that got me thinking about what other plays will always be lost to history. Obviously the circumstances in Auburn's case are unique in that they had something even more remarkable happen, whereas the rest of these were followed by disaster.

Julio Jones's catch in Super Bowl LI

This is the only highlight from Super Bowl LI that it still hurts me to watch, because it should have ended the game. But obviously we all know what happened subsequent to this catch. This was still the greatest catch in Super Bowl history, though — David Tyree caught a fairly routine ball with one defender behind him and just chose to pin it to his helmet for whatever reason.

Marcus Paige's 3-pointer vs. Villanova

Much like with Auburn, the degree of difficulty on this shot from Marcus Paige was so much higher than that of Kris Jenkins's game winner just four seconds later, but it will never matter because of the final tally on the scoreboard. What a level of play we saw in that entire game and especially in the final minute.

Rajai Davis's home run in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series

I believe to this day that if there was not a rain delay before the 10th inning, the Cleveland Indians would have won the 2016 World Series. I thought for sure after this home run that the Cubs were going to find a way, once again, to continue their World Series drought, but we all remember how this one ended.

Jermaine Kearse's catch in Super Bowl XLIX

This is the only one I had literally forgotten about. I did not remember at all how Seattle got down to the goal line before its infamous interception, but holy cow, what a catch this was. I think it's arguable the two greatest catches in Super Bowl history came from teams immediately before something terrible happened to them against the Patriots.

What other great plays have been lost to the annals of history?