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Elon Musk Explains Why He Is Selling All Of His Material Possessions And He Is Without A Doubt The WORST Billionaire Ever

This fucking guy, I swear to god. How can someone so smart and successful be so weak and stupid?

JR: You're selling your houses and all your material possessions...why are you doing that?

EM: I'm kind of sad about it actually...

JR: If you're sad about it then why are you doing it?

EM: (pause)...I think possessions kind of weigh you down. They're kind of an attack vector. You know they'll say "hey billionaire, you got all this stuff". Well now I don't have any stuff so what are you going to do? 

I mean jesus christ, Elon. Learn how to be a billionaire one time. This guy has done amazing things. Paypal, Tesla, sending fucking rockets to outer space. And even with all of that he allows morons on the internet to bully him out of enjoying his own success. "I'll show them, I'll RENT a shitty apartment and buy my baby named after a collection of symbols a crib from salvation army. That's how to beat them!". 

Hey Elon, literally NOBODY on the planet will respect this move. It's fake. You're not destitute. You living like this is an insult to me and everyone else who has to rent. When you're a billionaire you're supposed to do billionaire shit. I want you to be scrooge McDuck. I want you build a wall around your mansion that his made out of stacks of crisp 100 dollar bills. This guy is so in his own head. This is like the Zuckerberg scene with that girl in the bar. Elon thinks people don't like him because he's a billionaire and that is NOT true. People don't like him because he's a cyborg. Financial cultural appropriation won't change how people think about him because the mere fact that he's doing it is why people don't like him to begin with. And honestly, that makes me feel bad. I wish Rogan was like "dude, fuck all those people" and a light bulb went off in Musk's tin head and he was able to receive a single ounce of normalcy. And not like the last time he tried to be normal

Just teach him the BANG theory. BANG stands for "Be A Normal Guy". Whenever you're about to do something like name your kid an algorithm or sell all your possessions just think "would a normal guy do this" and if you answer no to that question then you do not do that thing. Simple fix. Bang