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"Jail" by Lil Dicky Is A Masterpiece

Our boy Hubbs dropped a dynamite blog yesterday on the Dave season finale. It centered on the whole Breakfast Club run-in with Charlemagne that was featured in the episode and how true to life it was. (And what a dickbag Charlemagne was)

Give it a read and if you're one of the 5 people alive that still hasn't seen Dave, WATCH - THE - SHOW!

 It's gold.

What I felt like blogging about this fine morning was how the finale episode began. 

*Semi Spoiler* 

Just an absolutely outrageous opening to a show.

I was in tears laughing for the first 4-5 minutes because you the viewer couldn't tell if Dave was dreaming, rapping a fictional story, or if we were watching the actual storyline unfold. My girl asked me 20 times "what is happening right now?". I had no idea until it ended, almost 9 minutes later, and the opening credits rolled (Who’s Dave?)


If you've already seen it then you know what happens, in both the rap, and the aftermath. 

Here's the video to refresh. 

(If you haven't seen it yet I recommend not watching and spoiling it. It's that good.)


The guy is seriously a genius. 

And a total lunatic. 

Normal thinking people aren't capable of coming up with this shit. Or able to recite it completely deadpan and serious like Dicky does. This is genius-level stuff as crazy as I feel writing that.

The song paints the picture so vividly we’re transported there with the storyteller. It’s Notorious B.I.G.’s “I Got A Story To Tell” meets the crassness and shock factor of Eminem’s “Kim”.

I used to think Lil Dicky was a pretty talented punchline rapper. But that was where it started and ended.

"Lemme Freak" is great.

He toasted Snoop on "Pro Rapper".

"Save That Money" was a jam for a minute. 


"Molly" is pretty deep and sad.

"Lion King" is fire.

"Freaky Friday" STILL goes for any crowd, despite featuring the loathsome Chris Brown in it. 

I got the chance to meet him through KFC and did a few gigs with him at Bounce over the last few years. Super cool guy and so is his crew. Real respectful and polite to everybody too which says a ton. But after watching Dave I'm convinced the guy is a star. Not as a rapper per se but as an overall entertainer. 

Whenever we're allowed to have concerts again this guy will be selling out arenas. Laugh if you want at that but watch.

I wouldn't be surprised if his shows straddle a concert/variety show line like we haven't seen since the Rat Pack days. Nobody does that shit anymore because most of today's musicians are one-trick ponies. Like KFC so appropriately put it Dave Burd is a comedian masquerading as a rapper masquerading as a comedian.


Never ever thought I'd say this, but Lil Dicky is the truth.

Here is "Jail" in full.

And here is his ridiculous podcast interview with his co-star Andrew Santino (who is also amazing on the show) from last month.