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Watch Lil Dicky's Actual Interview On The Breakfast Club That's Featured On The Final Episode of 'Dave'

By now I hope you've seen the hit FX show 'Dave.' It's one of the best things to come out of quarantine. The Last Dance. Dave. Outer Banks. Those three shows/docs have been the pillars to keeping us sane and entertained while we're locked inside. If you haven't gotten to it, go right now on the FX app and binge the 10 episodes. When you're all caught up come back here and read the rest of the blog (why would you click on this blog if you didn't watch the show?).

The season finale to 'Dave' is incredible. It highlights Dave Burd's appearance on The Breakfast Club where Charlemagne treated him like a complete asshole. I assume things are good with them now since he appears on the show in episode 10 reenacting the moment, but here's the actual interview below. Dicky talks about everything that went into the music video for 'Save That Money' and finding a mansion to shoot in for free (7:55- 15:00). They also get into eating ass, how he got his name, and all sorts of other shit. Charlemagne presses him for the entire 32 minutes about white privilege and being jewish, but Dicky cruises through the whole conversation by being him typical calm, confident self. They really nailed how much of a dick Charlemagne was. 


He's asked to rap at the end of the interview, but unlike in 'Dave'  he doesn't go through with it. To make up for that, here's him going nuts on Sway in the Morning. Dude is so fucking talented. I can't stop listening to this. 

And here's the freestyle rap that ends episode 10. The stare into the camera as the show cuts out is so good. 

Somehow some way Dicky and Rone need to collab. I refuse to die before that happens. Season 2 of Dave make it happen!

P.S. Watch this part with him singing with his girlfriend on the auto-tune and then go listen to 'Molly'