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Jeremy Leipsic, Brendan Leipsic's Brother, Has Been Kicked Off His College Team For His Involvement In The Leaked IG Conversations

Gees. So, in case you missed it, Caps forward Brendan Leipsic is in very, very hot water after DMs in an Instagram groupchat were leaked yesterday. They include some very unsavory remarks, pretty much worst case scenario type of shit:

Now, obviously people say stuff in their private group chats that would destroy them in the real world. I don't think there's a reason to say otherwise. It'd be plain silly to act like we are all saints and don't make crude remarks. 

That being said though, when messages like that leak, to the extent his did, you have to be vigilant about it. You cannot allow a player to represent your team who is on record making those sorts of remarks. You just can't. It's a bad look for everyone involved. 

Now, I don't know how the players in the locker room feel. To be honest I've been too scared to reach out and ask. I don't know how they, the guys who play alongside Leipsic day in and day out, feel about him. I don't know if they feel what he was doing is "normal" or if he was way more out of line than what is to be considered appropriate. 

I think the tricky part is, going back to the first thing I wrote, is we know we are all guilty of things like this to an extent. It's not defending it, it's more looking in the mirror and knowing we're not all that wonderful of people all the time either. You never want to Adam C Best yourself- meaning you take the holier than thou stance when you are guilty of making rape jokes and have some of the crudest, most disgusting tweets in the history of the internet. For some reason the original Adam C Best blog is off the internet. Weird. Do not know why. Interesting. But it was stuff like this:

Should Brendan Leipsic be blackballed from the NHL for private messages being leaked? I don't know, probably not. Is what he said awful? Yes, obviously. If he plays will he get the shit kicked out of him? Also obviously yes. He might end up becoming the sacrificial lamb in the NHL, the guy who loses his job and now all other players will be way more careful so they don't meet the same fate. What Leipsic needs to do now is talk to everyone involved, deeply apologize, and try to earn the trust of the NHL back.