The NYC Subway Was Shut Down To Be Cleaned.....For The First Time In 115 Years

New York City is gross right now. It is the epicenter of the coronavirus. A war between the rats is going on:

And we've just been informed that the subways have been cleaned for the first time in....115 years:

I think CBS News means that this is the first time in 115 years that the subway was shut completely down to be cleaned. Then I thought about it, had I ever seen an NYC Subway car cleaned before? I mean, I'm sure it happens, but I've spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on NYC subway cars and I have never once seen them cleaned by an MTA employee. 

You'd think this would happen, I don't know, once every week? Nope. Once every 115 years. Turns out that may be part of the reason that NYC took the coronavirus and spread it across the country:

At least everybody got their RTs for calling Floridian's idiots for walking on the beach that one night.