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Great News! The NYC Subways Are "Filthier Than Ever" Thanks To Feces And Urine....Fights On Board Are Still Happening As Well

Every day I wake up with some positivity surrounding the coronavirus. It seems like we are making some progress, I tell myself! Who knows, we could be back in the office by mid-May! 

Then I go on the Twitter machine and boom...positivity gone. 

Today's story that I first saw was about the NYC Subways. Earlier this week I was thinking to myself that this may be a good chance to fix some of the subway issues. Only 5% of the regular commuters are using the MTA during the quarantine. Maybe clean some of the subway cars, right? Fix some of the issues that delay our morning commutes! My mom always said find a way to take advantage of a negative situation.

Well, it appears quite the opposite is happening:

SOURCE-Cell phone video shows subway cars lined with people passed out, using shoes as pillows, not wearing masks, with trash piled in shopping carts.

That is NOT great hygiene when you consider a modern-day plague is going on. I'm no doctor, but I am willing to say that is guaranteed. 

The MTA says since early March, the entire fleet of subway cars and buses gets disinfected every 72 hours, but its conductors tell us they’re not seeing that.

“The trash, the feces, the urine, is there. It’s just a very toxic, unsafe environment,” Thompson said.

Oh, so it's not just trash? It's feces and urine? Great. I mean I've seen my fair share of human feces and urine during my time in NYC, but that wasn't when a global pandemic was going on. The sight of that hits a little bit different now. 

This is how we are going to be taking the Subway from now on:

Only thing we can do.