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Hard Factor Interview With Washington Examiner Contributor Siraj Hashmi

On today's Hard Factor News, we're joined by Big J Journo and curator of 'The List' on twitter, Siraj Hashmi.  Siraj is a 32-year-old writer who spent the early half of his life splitting time between Connecticut, where he graduated high school, and Pakistan, where his family is from.  His parents have since settled in the U.S., and after an impressive list of jobs, Siraj now lives in Virginia with his wife where he commutes to D.C. daily for work at the Washington Examiner.  

The List, created by Siraj back in Dec of 2019, originally started as a power ranking of people who needed to have their phones taken away.  

The List was started after George Conway decided to take a shot at his wife, Kellyanne Conway, advisor to the President, on twitter about Ukraine and the Quid Pro Quo issue.  

The List now goes 1-10 and is updated weekly.  

Siraj Joined the show to talk about current political news and how he's getting busy during the lockdown.  Now, working at home, Siraj's life has become a little easier, not having to make the commute and all, and he is able to record his Podcast 'Hashing It Out' from the comfort of his living room.  His most recent episode covered the mysterious disappearance of Kim Jong Un and how he escaped to one of his resorts to hide from the virus.  Though we've seen virtually no real reports of cases coming out of North Korea, the obvious is assumed, and what Siraj had to say this morning on our show won't surprise you one bit.  

"from what I have heard…North Korea has just been run rampant with Coronavirus… and you've even seen reports in which some of [the] NK officials would shoot their Coronavirus patients so they would no longer have any Coronavirus cases" 

Fucked up… but par for the course for ole Rocket Man over there.  

Siraj also walked us through the recent sexual assault accusations that came out against Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.  While we already dove into the initial Tara Reade accusations, Siraj and the guys talked more about the most recent news and the impact it should have on the appointment and election of Judges/Justices and officials, as well as, who may take over for Biden if his brain shits out.

The interview is about 30 minutes long and is packed with other great topics and stories.  Watch the full episode below and catch all-new episodes of Hard Factor News Monday-Friday.  Your daily dose of News Cocaine.  

The interview starts at 31:00

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