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Sleepy Joe --> Creepy Joe - The Allegations Against Joe Biden

As Barstool News Network's flagship news show, it is our duty to cover the upcoming Presidential Election and we like to think we do that without bias.  We want to make sure that all listeners and readers get the news they want, from both sides, and are able to formulate their own opinions, not just that of our hosts.  

Now, with that being said... CREEPY JOE HAS GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO! 

Back in 1993, when the presumptive Democratic Nominee was just Senator Biden and somehow even then, a silver-haired creepy old man dishing out fruity suckers and neck kisses, he allegedly had a frisky run-in with a staffer, Tara READE, not be confused with this Tara REID. back to Joe. 

Allegedly Biden heard that the staffer had the hots for him, because who doesn't in Joe's eyes, and he wanted to make sure that young lady knew Ole Joe felt the same way.  

The allegations from Reade say that back when she was a staffer for the Senator, she was told to meet him in a fairly hidden corridor to deliver a duffle bag of god knows what, and that's where the Senator forced her against the wall and forced his hands down her skirt.  Once she refused the Senator allegedly said, "Aw man, I heard you liked me."... "You're nothing to me."..."You're OK, you're fine," while shaking her shoulders before walking away.  No, Joe.  She's not "OK", man. You can't do that shit, Jack!   

Biden loves nothing more than to assert his dominance over people, whether it's in Reade's horrific experience, or by calling his critics, "man", "Jack", or "Bub".  He's kinda like Saddam in South Park in this instance.  

Nonetheless, Sexual assault is obviously a serious matter, and we hope these allegations get thoroughly investigated and the truth is uncovered.  Reade's allegations have a lot of credit to them, as there are multiple people who have come forward on her behalf, confirming that she told them the Senator assaulted her. There is even a phone call recording of her mother calling in to The Larry King Show eluding to the assault, back around the time the assault allegedly happened.

Before commenting on the allegations, Joe took to Facebook Live to discuss his Sexual Assault platform with the Wicked Witch of the West Wing herself, Hillary Clinton. 

Hopefully the truth will come out, likely not, but hopefully it does.

Get the full story covered on today's episode of Hard Factor News (and below) and hear more like it Monday - Friday.

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