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Oh Fuck Yes - A "Potentially Historic" May Snowstorm Is On The Way!

What was the joke about 2016? Like a few old people died and we were like "will 2016 just END already?". Jokes on us. We knew the year 2020 sounded too futuristic, too crazy to be true. This is the year we were supposed to have flying cars and teleportation and meals in pill form and sex robots. Instead we have alien invasions, murder hornets, the plague, and the god damn day after tomorrow type conditions in the middle of god damn MAY!

NBC News - A May snowstorm is in the making for this weekend, and it could bring historic snow totals to parts of the interior Northeast and New England.

On Friday, a storm system moving into the Northeast will clash with bitter cold Arctic air courtesy of the polar vortex, bringing the potential for heavy, wet snow across the interior Northeast and New England. Heavy rain is possible along the I-95 corridor.

Widespread snowfall totals will range from a dusting to 6-8 inches in some spots, while isolated areas in extreme northern New England could see up to a foot. If this happens, it will shatter May snowfall records. Some cities that could see snow include Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany in New York; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Vermont.

A few days ago I wrote the blog "what will you remember the most about the quarantine?". Well add a god damn blizzard to that list. Kids are going to be sledding a week before Memorial Day and stung by a murder hornet at the bottom of the hill. 

I wouldn't believe this year existed if it happened in a movie from the 1950s. We would have laughed very hard at all of this happening. And there's tons of stuff we don't even know about going on around us. Stock market shit, oil prices going into the negatives, a reality TV star is our president, the guy running against him is a 90 year old zombie, our pets heads are falling off! 


And all the while you just really want to know are we going to get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions. And perhaps play a little game called just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels, or "Ouch, ouch, you're on my hair." This is truly, not figuratively, but truly the weirdest timeline.