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Going Live For 17-Hours Straight Was Not Ideal For The Mind, Body, And Soul...But, Dammit, It Was Worth The Glory

I think.  Is going live for 17 straight hours to win at a video game worthy of a "Dude, what are you doing with your life" conversation?  Yes.  Yes it is.  But does it matter?  To the fiancee, YES NOPE!  We entered the stream with a goal of 3 victories and we wouldn't go dark until it was accomplished or my heart stopped, whichever came first.  

This is not the first foray into the play till you're victorious game.  We've done stuff like this multiple times, usually for 4, 6, sometimes 12+ hours a stream.  Remember that one time I said we'd do the same thing for Fortnite and after 12-hours the game servers updated and we weren't able to play anymore, but of course "Smitty is lazy and doesn't care about his job!  He fell asleep!  Go Pres Go!"?  Yeah, that was cute (watch to see what happened - HERE).  But steams like this also create moments which in turn became some of the most watched videos in Barstool Sports history: 

So we persevered on in Verdansk, and as you can see below champions do what they do best - They Champion.  Special thanks to Chase Edmonds, Christian Kirk, Kyle Van Noy, Kurt Benkert, World COD Champion Jkap, Officer Honk, Private Balls, ROTC WhiteSoxDave, Major Muj, Corporal Robbie Fox, Billy Football, Mike The Bike, behind the scenes with Dev, Blaise, Logan, TJ and all the Stoolies who joined into the chaos.  

And now we're back in the saddle again.  Squad up for glory: