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This Mini-Documentary About Liverpool's Comeback Vs. Barcelona In The Champions League Semis Will Give You Goosebumps

One year ago today one of the greatest Champions League games ever was played aka this is a good sports anniversary that I will allow. Nice normal number and a legendary game = perfectly acceptable. 

This is a weird game for me because as a 30 year old (at the time) that's a strange time to have a formative game in your fandom. Usually your first "wow, I really really love this fuckin team" memory comes as a little kid sitting with your dad, but this one came sitting in a Rundown chair after Gini's first goal, when it became clear Liverpool and Anfield might just have the magic that day. I'd started the day with little to no hope, as the players and coach admit that they had, and ended it with a full-on faith in Anfield and Klopp. 

For like 4 or 5 years before this game I'd liked Liverpool like a movie's version of the girl at the bar on NFL Sunday who cheers for the team because it's fun but doesn't really have a deep concern with what's going on. It's not going to make or break her week. Which, by the way, is a perfectly acceptable way to cheer for a team. But after this match (that's what we soccer diehards call them) I went all the way Red. My knowledge of the game is still probably at a 5 year old or 6 year old's level, but goddamn do I love watching this team play. Except sometimes at 7 AM after a Friday out.