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Alex Smith Is In Absolutely Tremendous Shape On His 36th Birthday

This is amazing. Makes my lazy ass feel like a pile of shit, but for good reason. Anyone who saw the picture of Alex Smith's leg, or watched the documentary that explained how close he was to losing his leg and his life, understands just how remarkable it is that he's walking, nevermind taking snaps and moving around like that. It's remarkable. 

I believe he maintains that he wants to play football again. Honestly, who are we to doubt him? From a very outside perspective, after watching that documentary I'd prefer he chalk his current life situation up as a huge W and the Redskins give him a contract to work with the team in any role he desires for as long as he wants


But if Alex wants to play football again, I'm not here to doubt him. His whole career has been comeback after comeback, so who are we to doubt him now? I don't know if there are any teams that will take the risk after seeing the documentary and knowing how fragile his leg is, but if he can get cleared...who knows. The way he's moving around in that video you wouldn't even know how close he was to losing his leg completely. It's crazy. 

I will never not root for him. And shit, if he gets into an NFL game again, there won't be a dry eye in the world. Nobody deserves it more, and there's 1 person who can complete this comeback it's Alex.